John Hancock Long-Term Care Insurance: Financial Ratings

John Hancock is focused on providing innovative long-term care insurance in ways to best protect you and your family so that you can have the confidence and control you need. Commitment and Experience Over 150 years of experience and stability in the insurance business. A commitment to the long-term care insurance business since 1987. Financial Strength Financial strength ratings among Continue reading

How Much Does Long-Term Care Insurance Cost?


Here are a few facts which may surprise you: Long-term care insurance is very flexible.  Every long-term care policy gives you many choices for your benefits.  You choose your:  Daily Benefit, Inflation Benefit, Policy Limit, and Elimination Period.  The richer the benefits you choose, the higher your premium.  The more modest the benefits you choose, the lower your premium.  You are in control of Continue reading

What is an “Underwriting Class”?

The cost of a long-term care insurance policy is based upon several factors: your age at the time you apply for the policy, the benefits you choose for your policy, your premium payment option (e.g. 10-pay, “pay to age 65″, lifetime pay) your state of residence, whether you live alone or with a spouse, partner, or other family member, and Continue reading

What is “Inflation Protection” in a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy?

Inflation Protection = A policy option that provides for increases in benefit levels to help pay for expected increases in the costs of long-term care services.

Kentucky Long-Term Care Partnership Program Information

Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Program The partnership program is designed to provide incentives for people to take personal responsibility for their own care by purchasing long-term care insurance. The program was designed to reduce Medicaid costs for nursing home care. In addition, it encourages Kentuckians to purchase long-term care insurance in order to protect some or all of their assets by providing exemptions from Continue reading

Georgia Long-Term Care Partnership Program Information

Medicaid: How to Protect Your Family’s Future with a Georgia Long-Term Care Partnership Policy The Georgia Long-Term Care Partnership is designed to reward Georgians who plan ahead for their future LTC needs. The Long-Term Care Partnership is an innovative partnership between Georgia and private insurers of LTC insurance policies. A qualified Long-Term Care Partnership policy goes above and beyond traditional LTC insurance.  Partnership and non-partnership LTC Continue reading

What is a “Shortened Benefit Period” in a long-term care insurance policy?

Shortened Benefit Period = A non-forfeiture option that reduces the benefit period but retains the full daily maximums applicable until death.  The period of time for which benefits are paid will be shorter. For example, you buy a policy for three years of coverage with a $150 daily benefit, but if you let the policy lapse, the benefit period is Continue reading