MICHIGAN – Long-Term Care Insurance

The Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program developed the Long-Term Care Insurance Comparison Guide to help you understand long-term care and the insurance options that can help you pay for long-term care services. This guide will help you figure out the who, what, why, where, and how of long-term care insurance.

By the end of this publication, you will learn:
• What is long-term care insurance
• Who should consider purchasing long-term care insurance
• Why you might want to purchase a long-term care policy
• Where you can find more information
• How to choose the policy that best fits your needs
This guide is for informational purposes only. Please double check costs and coverage information before purchasing long-term care insurance. You can verify the information by contacting insurance companies directly.

SOURCE:  State of Michigan, Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation

One thought on “MICHIGAN – Long-Term Care Insurance

  1. I will be reviewing the long term care comparison guide. Need to buy a long term insurance for me and my spouse. Need you guidance to assist me in selecting a company which is reputable, reliable and who will stand behind their products. Thanks

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